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What is a facial?

A facial in Glendale is an uber enjoyable, professional pampering of your face with amazing cosmetic and health benefits. Facials can be and often are tailored exclusively to you, with a multi-step procedure that cleanses, rehydrates and rejuvenates your facial skin both at the surface level and deep within the skin.

What are the benefits of a facial?

We offer many options when it comes to facials in Studio City and the surrounding LA area.  These  come with a host of health and cosmetic benefits that are immediately evident. These include:

  • Facials reduce stress
  • They clean your skin thoroughly in a way not often possible at home
  • Facials slow the aging process with their massages and collagen promotion properties
  • Facials help to detoxify your skin and treat acne and acne marks
  • Facials open the pores, exfoliate the skin and clean up black and white heads.

Am I a candidate for a facial?

There are very few people who could not benefit from receiving a facial in Studio City at Skin Matrx , whether male or female. However, naturally a few facial factors are best served by a facial:

  • Skin Type: Oily and acne-prone skin types as well as dry skin types will greatly benefit.
  • Skin Condition: People with blackheads, dull skin, acne or hyperpigmentation will have great results.
  • Skin Goals: If you want more youthful and beautiful skin without use of toxins and invasive procedures, facials are an incredible option.

Fabulous facials, accessible to everyone

We strive to price our quality services in a manner we feel makes them accessible to everyone and well worth their return. Expenses will vary based on the type of facial you settle on and we have facials in all price ranges. We are also transparent in our pricing and provide a full list of services and their cost, here.

From my call to make an appointment to walking in to the Center, to my personalized care, amazing facial and then last minute appointment with the doctor (which they make happen), it's been stellar. I've never been treated so well. I'm so thankful for my experience.

Julia F.

Choosing your perfect facial

We offer different facials in Glendale, Studio City, and Burbank to meet everyone’s skin care needs:


Dr. Orloff’s Signature Facial

This includes a gentle cleansing, a very popular exfoliating 7% Pumpkin Enzyme Treatment, low level Pixel Perfect Laser Treatment, relaxing time under anti-aging red lights and a lightly heated massage.


Hydrafacial MD

Employs a combination of exfoliation and serum injections that treat skin damage, reduce fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, detoxifies, rejuvenates and protects you skin.

Why are we the go-to for Burbank facials?

Our facials in Burbank are as diverse as our many clients. We believe that all facials are created equally. If any of the structured facials you see here don’t seem to be honing in on your specific concerns or conditions, just ask and we can and will customize a facial entirely for your unique needs. You and your esthetician will be able to choose from a number of tailored add-ons to produce your perfect facial.

Are there any risks associated with facials?

Generally speaking, there are no risks involved in facials. Some facials in Glendale will however produce temporary redness and irritation, and maintaining hydration and using a good skin moisturizer are important.

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