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Your skin craves oxygen. Oxygen therapy can strengthen skin elasticity, speed healing, ward off the bacteria that causes acne, even your skin tone, and even help to shrink overly large pores. As an add-on to another treatment, oxygen therapy can produce a visible improvement in your skin quality.


You have the option to outsmart nature with our wide array of anti-aging treatments. Rather than living with aging skin, why not take advantage of the latest advances in anti-aging medicine? We offer services that will smooth away lines and creases, create plumper, more youthful skin, and leave you looking incredible.


If you dread the thought of another acne breakout, we understand. These breakouts can be embarrassing and leave your skin with an uneven texture and tone. Our add-on acne defying treatments can help you avoid recurrent breakouts, soothe inflamed skin, and restore your confidence.


The perfect way to keep your skin soft and smooth, dermaplaning removes the dead skin cells on the surface, along with peach fuzz, for smooth healthy skin – no chemicals involved! This is the perfect treatment for pregnant women or those with sensitive skin.

Hand and foot treatments

Soft hands and feet are an asset – and with our help, can be yours. Start with a hand and foot massage for relaxation, and to increase circulation. We can apply one of our specialized hand and foot treatments to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

LED light therapy

Light energy has healing powers. Our LED light therapy treatments can help your skin heal quickly, kill acne-causing bacteria, and trigger natural regeneration.


Dermaflash treatments remove unwanted facial hair for smooth, soft, hair-free skin. Your makeup goes on smoothly with the “vellus” hairs regularly removed with Dermaflash.

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