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What causes rosacea?

The cause of rosacea has not been fully identified, and research into the condition is ongoing. Many researchers believe rosacea could be a side effect of systemic inflammation. If you struggle with rosacea, we offer treatments to resolve the condition.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

Rosacea comes with specific symptoms, including:

  • Persistent skin redness: Your skin may appear sunburned, or present with a blushed look that doesn’t disappear.
  • Frequent blushing: If you are plagued by constant blushing, which could include a sensation of warmth or burning that turns on during a blushing event, you may have rosacea.
  • Visible facial veins: You may have developed spider veins around your nose or on other facial areas as a result of rosacea.
  • Bloodshot eyes: Bloodshot eyes that won’t resolve can be a symptom of rosacea.
  • Blemishes: You may see your skin marred by small red bumps or pimples.

How can rosacea be treated at Skin MatRX in Burbank?

At Skin MatRX, we have assembled an array of the world’s most effective non-surgical technologies in aesthetics. If you suffer from rosacea, we can perform light therapy with IPL (intense pulsed light) to reduce redness. This treatment produces a remarkable reduction in skin redness, increases skin health, and leaves your skin looking natural and healthy. You may require another treatment over time, but the results are typically long-lasting.

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The magic of IPL: Rosacea treatments that work.

When controlled light energy is directed into the skin surface, it addresses inflammation, reddened skin, pimples, and uneven tone. IPL treatments have become the “gold standard” for treating rosacea and has the added benefit of stimulating the production of collagen within the skin structure to help ward off the future development of rosacea.

Experience real-world relief from rosacea.

People who suffer from rosacea often feel embarrassed and disheartened. They may have tried various topical treatments or medications. With IPL, your condition can be treated successfully, gently, and with little risk of side effects and a fast recovery. We believe you deserve to live a happy, confident life, and if you have tried to treat rosacea with little success, our team at Skin Matrx is here to help.

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