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The treatment combines visible and invisible (infrared) light therapy. The visible red light stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production and does not contain the harmful UVA or UVB rays.

It’s like a facial to the deep, deep layers of your skin, without chemical peels or other chemical treatments by stimulating the body’s own cellular mechanisms by photo modulation. The result is your skin looking younger, more hydrated, healthier, and plumped up.

  • Not a laser or an IPL so no heat, no side effects or downtime.
  • Non-invasive, non-ablative safe therapy
  • No damage to sub-dermal tissue
  • Relaxing and calming experience
  • Compatible with existing skin rejuvenation techniques such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, IPLs, Laser Resurfacing and cosmetic surgery such as Blepharoplasty and Breast Augmentation
  • Allows treatment of large areas such as the face and chest in one session

Red Light-Wrinkle Reduction

Regenerates and stimulates collagen using a combination of different lights delivered at different times we are able to stimulate the cells that help counteract the effects of aging. Light enhances not only DNA synthesis, but also augments cellular tissue regeneration including collagen deposition. Light at specific wavelengths is known to stimulate tissue and influence restructuring of collagen to firm skin tissue and minimize fine wrinkles.

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Blue light-Acne Treatment

Specific wavelengths of blue light target the strain of bacteria that plays a pivotal role in causing acne for many people. The light causes the development of oxygen radicals that kill P. acne's bacteria without damaging healthy skin.

Why you should consider it

Demonstrated effective in destroying levels of acne-causing bacteria; best for mild to moderate inflammatory acne; reduced potential for side effects (such as dryness or peeling) that can occur with benzoyl peroxide or topical prescription products; a worthwhile option for those whose skin cannot tolerate topical disinfectants; pain-free, no downtime.

Healing Light-Post Procedure

Infra-red light waves are capable of traveling deep into the tissue under the skin. There, they work to stimulate lymphatic drainage (which helps carry away waste material from the tissues), increase blood circulation and nourish damaged tissues. The infra-red light waves stimulate the production of ATP, an energy source that is important for the healing process of body tissues. Because of this capability, Infrared light therapy is very useful in helping to reduce bruising and swelling after cosmetic surgery, particularly when it is used in the first few days after surgery. It can speed the healing process, and help restore the tissues that have been subjected to some trauma from surgery. Medically based studies have proven that LED phototherapy after surgery or laser ablative resurfacing cut the time to resolution of side effects and the healing time by one-half to one-third.

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