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Dermal Fillers

Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging cheeks can make men look older, tired, and less vital than they really are. These adverse effects of aging can have a profound effect in the workplace, as well as in a man’s love life and social life. Dermal fillers are a quick and easy solution to smooth out those wrinkles, restore lost volume, and create a more vibrant, youthful look.

Muscle Relaxers

As the skin and muscles in your face age, they lose their youthful elasticity and ability to “bounce back” from facial expressions – often resulting in constant frowns and facial expressions that can make you look tired, angry, or upset – even when you feel great. Muscle relaxers like BOTOX® target these muscles and force them to relax, restoring your ability to express yourself naturally with lines and creases a thing of the past.

Laser Tattoo Removal

With the increased popularity of tattoos in modern culture, it’s becoming increasingly common for men to regret the tattoo decisions of their youth, or want to remove a poorly-executed tattoo. Unlike earlier methods of tattoo removal, our laser treatment safely breaks up the underlying pigment skin without damaging your skin, resulting in scarless tattoo removal that works on both black and colored tattoos.

Liquid Nose Job

Your nose is the centerpiece of your face, and men often suffer from defects like depressions, crooked noses, or a hump on the bridge, whether due to genetics or trauma. Our liquid nose job can temporarily correct these defects and restore harmony to your face – increasing your self-confidence and giving you a simple and non-invasive “preview” of what the results of a surgical nose job (rhinoplasty) could achieve.

Laser Skin Treatments

Many men suffer from sun spots, age spots, and other unfortunate side effects of age and an active lifestyle. Thankfully, our laser treatments like IPL, CO2 laser, and others can target and treat these defects for a more youthful look.


Whether you want to maintain smooth skin for athletic reasons, for your own personal satisfaction, or to please a partner – constantly shaving can be a nightmare. We offer full waxing services for men, including arms, legs, private areas, and back – giving you long-lasting results that make you (and your partner) glow.

Laser Hair Removal

As a man, it’s not always comfortable to shave and get waxed – which is why more and more men are turning to laser hair removal to get rid of the problem for good. Our quick, efficient, and effective laser hair removal treatment is effective on virtually any part of the body, including your back, neck, arms, legs, and anywhere else you have excessive or unwanted hair.

Wellness Treatments

Your overall health is important, and while a lot of attention is usually placed on physical appearance, we also believe that your physical wellbeing deserves attention. At Skin MatRX, we offer several wellness treatments, including:

  • IV vitamin therapy
  • Vitamin shots
  • Lymphatic drainage treatments
  • Vein treatments


Our luxury spa also offers massage services for men and women, providing deep relaxation and de-stressing your muscles. We provide several types of massages, each of which is perfect in different situations:

  • Targeted Massage: In a 30-minute session, our massage therapist will focus on whichever area is giving you trouble to provide intense relaxation and relief.
  • Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is what most people think of as a “standard” massage –gentle yet firm pressure used to relieve stress, increase blood flow, and decrease muscle toxicity. We offer Swedish massage in 60 or 90-minute sessions.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Our deep tissue massage is offered in 60 or 90-minute sessions and targets the deepest layers of muscles to relieve knots and release muscle tension.
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