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JuVaShape™ skin tightening for face and body

If you are tired of living with sagging skin around your neck and jawline or have deeply-etched smile lines but are ready for a surgical solution, help has arrived! You can now experience visible improvement with virtually no pain or downtime. You will see a difference after just one treatment. If you are not ready for a surgical facelift, JuVaShape™ skin tightening, a non-surgical alternative, is the next best thing.

Dramatically more affordable than a surgical facelift, JuVaShape produces results that were once only possible with surgery. You may choose to undergo this procedure to maintain and extend the results of a face or body-enhancing surgery.

How does JuVaShape work?

JuVaShape™ uses cutting-edge technology with RF energy, or radiofrequency. By delivering heat therapy at different tissue depths within the face and neck area, the treatment will smooth and contour loose, wrinkled or dimpled skin. The existing collagen fibers contract, while the energy stimulates an increase in natural collagen growth. Your circulation is improved, helping your skin shed retained fluids and reduce puffiness. Our Burbank JuVaShape treatment gives our staff precise control so they can use both bipolar and unipolar radio frequencies to create meticulously targeted friction and heating to produce excellent outcomes.

JuVaShape Ultrasound

JuVaShape Ultrasound is a fat reduction technique that causes fat cells to die. This leads to inch loss and improves contouring over time.

What's the biggest problem with JuVaShape™ Treatments? It's addicting! You will want to undergo this treatment as part of your standard beauty regimen – the results are that magnificent.

JuVaShape™ for your body: Tighten sagging body skin without surgery

Our clients in Burbank love the results of JuVaShape™ on the body skin, and this treatment is an all-time favorite. If you have sagging skin on your thighs, tummy, upper arms, and above your knees but don’t want to undergo surgery, JuVaShape is your answer. You can now firm the skin on your body without pain or downtime. You will see a difference after just one treatment. If you are not ready for an invasive procedure, why not get treatment with JuVaShape™ skin tightening? This is a non-surgical alternative that produces visible results – taking years off your look.

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Where can JuVaShape treatments be performed?

JuVaShape has taken skin tightening to the next level. As a laser technology that delivers two types of thermal energy, it is affordable, non-invasive, and can tighten skin and improve skin texture on the following areas:

  • Face
  • Abdomen
  • Knees
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Back
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Can JuVaShape treat cellulite?

If you are tired of living with the dimples and uneven skin associated with cellulite, JuVaShape can work wonders, smoothing and tightening your skin, leaving it looking firm and youthful. Feel free to expose your body at the pool or beach, in shorts, without concerns about cellulite.

JuVaShape FAQ

When will I see results?

Results and expectations are patient-specific. The initial results appear after the first treatment. Optimal results are achieved with a series of six treatments spaced a few weeks apart. It can take up to three months after your last session to see the final results.

How long will my results last?

You should enjoy the skin tightening effect for about one to three years, as everyone is different. You can undergo another session to continue to enjoy the benefits.

Does it hurt?

JuVaShape is a painless treatment. Imagine firmer, tauter skin with a painless procedure – that’s the beauty of JuVaShape.

Is there any downtime?

JuVaShape treatments do not have downtime. Undergo your skin-tightening treatment and then return to your day as usual.

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