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What is a threaded facelift?

A threaded facelift is a fully customized procedure. Our thread lift experts place specially designed sutures to reposition and lift the skin and tissues on your face. This procedure creates long-lasting, dramatic results – all in a quick and easy 45-minute procedure. PDO threads have the added benefit of stimulating the natural production of collagen. As the weeks and months pass, your facial skin becomes more resilient, supple, and youthful. An Instalift with PDO threading can address the following signs of aging skin:

  • Tighten the jawline and create an improved “V” shape
  • Lift and smooth away jowls
  • Lift sagging skin creating deep laugh lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Reduce the appearance facial wrinkles, creases, and lines
  • Enhance skin quality for the long term

What is PDO?

PDO threads are made of polydioxanone, a biocompatible, dissolvable product. The threads are absorbed over time, triggering skin renewal from within. The PDO threads activate skin regeneration, contract fat tissue, and mechanically lift the facial tissues for an incredible tightening, slimming effect.

The benefits of Instalift and PDO threading

When compared to a surgical facelift, Instalift and PDO threading offers many benefits, especially for those who aren’t looking for a 180-degree transformation:

  • Immediate and dramatic results
  • Local anesthesia only
  • The entire procedure takes less than an hour
  • Minimally invasive
  • Little-to-no downtime

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What is it like to experience?

During your initial consultation, we carefully evaluate the condition of your facial skin to determine thread placement. We will then perform the following steps:


The first step is to clean your skin and remove any makeup or toxins that could interfere with the procedure.


Once your skin is cleaned, we will numb the injection sites using topical or local anesthesia (usually lidocaine) to minimize any discomfort.


We will then proceed to lift and remodel your skin and tissue using a combination of Instalift and PDO threading sutures. Most patients report a “tugging” or “pulling” sensation, but no pain or noticeable discomfort.


Once complete, the injection sites will be cleaned up and closed. All the sutures used dissolve naturally and stimulate additional production of collagen to solidify your newly remodeled facial tissue.

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Results and Recovery

Results are immediately visible, though your final shape may be slightly obscured by minor swelling and bruising. Some patients experience a slight skin irregularity where the threads were inserted, with these side effects fading in two to three days, leaving you looking years younger – no surgery required.
You can expect the results to last for two to three years, after which a follow-up procedure can be performed to maintain the look.

Post-operative Care

While the recovery is quite painless and mild, our post-operative recommendations can ensure you attain the best possible and longest-lasting results:

  • Apply cold packs after treatment to reduce swelling
  • You may gently apply makeup immediately after treatment
  • Sleep face-up during the week following the procedure
  • Treat your face gently when cleansing
  • Avoid any treatments or activities that could aggravate your face as it heals, including heat therapies, dental work, or massaging the area

Skin Matrx

Who is a candidate?

Anyone who suffers from the following signs of facial aging is a likely candidate:

  • Lost jawline definition
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Jowls
  • A “boxy” facial shape due to sagging skin
  • Lax, creased, sagging facial skin

Why Choose Us

At Skin Matrx, we are dedicated to bringing the latest scientific innovations in anti-aging and regenerative therapies to our clients. Instalift and PDO threading are an incredible “middle ground” for anyone who is considering between a non-surgical facelift in Burbank and a surgical one. Our highly trained medical specialists are exceptionally talented at artistically enhancing your facial structure using these innovative techniques, and our results speak for themselves: natural, beautiful, and youthful.

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