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VitaMedica® has taken all the guess work out of it. VitaMedica® was developed by a Doctor for Doctors! They are one of only a selected few Dietary Supplement companies that choose to manufacture all their products in an FDA approved facility. This is VERY important when it comes to the reliability and effectiveness of dietary supplements. This ensures that what it says is in the bottle- is actually in the bottle! That is why VitaMedica® products are known as Pharmaceutical-Grade supplements.

Developing a formulation using evidence-based medicine is the first step in delivering a high-quality nutritional supplement. The next step is to select high-quality ingredients. This seems pretty obvious but lower-priced brands do not use the highest quality ingredients because they cost more. As with so many things in life, the expression “you get what you pay for” applies equally well to nutritional supplements. VitaMedica® is the trusted Nutritional Supplement Brand by thousands of doctors to assist their patients with faster healing, healthier skin, and an improved overall wellness. This is why Dr. Orloff has chosen to prescribe VitaMedica® Supplements for his patients.

The VitaMedica Difference!

USP Certified Ingredients • Chelated Minerals • Branded Ingredients • No Artificial Ingredients • Natural Vitamins • Free of Common Allergens

Recovery Support Program

#1 Recommended Recovery Kit by Plastic Surgeons

Speeds wound healing, supports the immune system, prevent infection and minimize inflammation, Vitamin A, C and K promote wound healing, Selenium, bioflavonoids and other antioxidants deactivate free-radicals, Bromelain & quercetin balance the natural inflammatory response, B-complex morning formula supports energy levels in the day, Mineral-intensive evening formula promotes rest in the evening, Excludes vitamin E and other herbals, Gluten-free.

Homeopathic Arnica Montana

30X potency

All natural Homeopathic Arnica Montana medication stimulates healing, Reduces bruising & swelling after surgery or injury. Sublingual tablets dissolve rapidly, Ideal following cosmetic filler injections and after facial surgical procedures, Excludes dyes or colorants, Gluten-free.


Formula Supports glowing skin, hard nails & lustrous hair,Vitamins A, C and E support a youthful complexion,Organic flax seed oil promotes supple-looking skin,Phytonutrients protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays,Notched morning and evening packets open easily,Great choice after using our Recovery Support Program, Gluten-free.

Clear Skin Formula

The Best Vitamins to Take for Acne-Prone Skin

Recommended for 15 years by medical skin care professionals, Vitamin A and natural, mixed carotenoid blend reduce sebum production, Zinc supports skin health, Chromium improves glucose tolerance, Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties, Burdock, Oregon grape, dandelion and yellow dock cleanse & detoxify, Hyaluronic acid maintains water balance in the skin, Notched packets open easily, Gluten-free.


Probiotic with 8 Beneficial Strains

Guaranteed to contain 8 billion of live beneficial bacteria per serving, Promotes regularity and supports immune system function, Favorably alters intestinal balance and promotes healthy digestion, Beneficial flora from Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus, FOS prebiotic fiber nourishes beneficial bacteria, Enteric-coating shields beneficial organisms from stomach acid, Broad-spectrum formula ideally suited for daily use or after antibiotics, Vcaps® vegetarian capsules, refrigeration not required.

Bone Support

with Cal-Mag-D complex

750 mgs of calcium, 450 mgs of magnesium, 450 IUs of vitamin D, chelation improves mineral absorption, Natural zinc coated tablets slide down easy and are odorless, For best results, combine with Energy Support Formula, No dyes or colorants, Gluten-free

LeanBiotics Cleanse

Natural Cleanse for Weight Loss

Cascara sagrada naturally promotes regularity, antibacterial herbs provide balance & cleansing support, carminative herbs smooth & calm digestive system, milk thistle assists body’s detoxification process, 100% natural, non-GMO, vegetarian capsules, gluten-free.

LeanMeal RS Dutch Chocolate

Meal Replacement

Get balanced nutrition for yourself and the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome. LeanMeal RS™ is an excellent source of high-quality protein and prebiotic fiber. Just add water, and feel fuller, promote muscle tone, and support a healthy weight. Great tasting Dutch Chocolate flavor! 130 Calories, 18 grams of high quality whey protein concentrate, 8 grams of Fibersol-2® prebiotic fiber, 24 Vitamins & minerals, no artificial sweeteners, gluten-free, mixes easily with LeanBiotics® Drink Mix Bottle, Canister contains 18 servings.

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