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Why choose Skin Matrx?

Our Burbank eyelash experts at Skin Matrx have unparalleled skill and experience in transforming thin lashes into glorious, lush, eye-framing lashes. Our full-service, premier spa can help bring out and enhance your natural beauty, providing treatments and services that help you look your best – whether it’s for a special occasion or simply a gorgeous everyday look. 

Eyelash extensions

No matter how your natural lashes appear, you can achieve full and luscious lashes with our custom eyelash extensions. Each lash is individually applied to create a beautiful and natural look. Skin Matrx gives three variations of the most popular lash extensions Burbank patients love:

  • Single lash extensions: The most basic form of lash extension involves placing single extensions on each of your existing lashes, resulting in improved volume and length.
  • 2D lash extensions: For a more significant improvement in volume, our 2D lash extension involves placing two extensions on each lash, providing thicker and more luscious lashes to those who suffer from mild thinning.
  • 3D lash extensions: For those with very thin lashes, our 3D mink lashes, made from natural mink, are three times the size of standard lash enhancements and provide beautiful, high-volume lash enhancement.

Eyelash removal

For women with lash extensions who are ready to go back to their natural lashes, we offer services to partially or fully remove lash extensions. While it may seem you could remove lash extension at home, the incorrect removal of lash extensions can cause damage to your natural lashes – let us do the work!

Eyelash fill

Your body naturally sheds eyelashes over time, and this natural process also results in a gradual loss of your lash extensions. Maintaining your look requires custom refills to maintain the volume, length, and lush, full look of your lashes. 

Eyelash lift

For women who suffer from flat lashes, straight, or naturally straight lashes, our lash lift treatment acts like a “perm” for your lashes – giving them a beautiful upwards curl without the need for extensions. A lash lift can last up to eight weeks, and because the treatment is for your natural lashes, you can apply mascara or any other makeup without worries or concerns.

Custom makeup

Preparing for a special event can be a stressful experience. You have to choose the right outfit, do your hair, and, of course, ensure your makeup looks flawless. Thankfully, our professional makeup artists at Skin MatRX are exceptionally talented at giving you the look of your dreams and getting you ready for any occasion. We help clients prepare for everything from high-school proms to red-carpet appearances. 

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